We Appreciate You

Give customers an easy way to send a tip to support your entire staff

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Put a WAY "Tip Jar" in your business to let customers know how to send a digital tip.

Customers send a tip via Apple Pay, whether inside your store or at home - no cash or contact needed

WAY collects the tips and makes regular deposits to your account -  100% of the tips WAY receives go to your employees


WAY taps into the needs of this unique moment and broader trends in giving to enable and encourage people to support employees of local businesses.

People want to help, and they...

  • Want it to be digital and contactless (no cash!)

  • Need a visual cue (like a tip jar!) when they are in-the-moment and want to show their appreciation

  • Are more frequently giving donations in small amounts  and are comfortable tipping

  • Want it to be secure 

As you and your team go above and beyond for the community, the community wants to go above and beyond for your team.  WAY gives them another easy way to do that.


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